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Brookline's Pill Hill neighborhood

One of the most common questions I get is “tell me about Brookline”.  Always excited to talk about my town, but there is so much we can discuss, we can talk for hours.  So, let's assume you did some research and read Wiki, scanned the town government website, countless articles (and books) and Facebook.  If so, you have lots of details.  So what can I add?  Simple, a view as a resident.  I’ll start with my part of town and expand out to some other neighborhoods, all close geographically but different in character.  Reach out with any questions.


My part of town is considered Pill Hill.  Common lore is the area was named Pill Hill based on the large number of doctors residing here to be close to the Longwood Medical Area (walking distance).  Roughly east of Route 9 (heading into Boston), surrounded by Cypress, Highland, Pond and High Streets. Mostly residential (many multi-family) with some businesses on Rt 9 and some local shops (restaurants, markets, services) off Rt 9.


For me, the location is wonderful.  Some days I want to go out for coffee or breakfast and I can walk to Rifrullo Cafe, Brothers & Sisters or for old school counter service - Martins.  If I’m feeling more ambitious, Coolidge Corner is a 20 minute walk and the food options expand and Centre St in Jamaica Plains is a pleasant 30 minute walk.  If I have coffee at home, I’ll usually go for a walk to either Brookline Reservoir or drive 7 minutes to Jamaica Pond.


In the morning the sidewalks are full with parents and children walking to the local elementary school.  Older kids heading to the high school complex and adults on their way somewhere.  Runners and cyclists doing their routine, and cars all around.  And sounds, lots. Busy, yes, but alive with energy and community.  


Curious about Brookline, ask.  The easy part is looking at pictures of homes, but pictures don’t provide a feel for the neighborhood and what it's like to live locally. We all have different needs and wants for where we call home.  That is where I’d be glad to help.  

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